3D Design Service

Transform your idea into a manufacturable 3D model.

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How does our 3D Modeling Service work?

We can get started with as little as a napkin sketch or as much as a construction drawing. 2D or 3D assets are often the perfect starting point for a great 3D model design. Nevertheless, if you only have an idea and no sketches, our team of designers can still help you bring your idea to life.

Why should you choose us?

We understand that good design is more than some shiny  rendering . A good design needs to be Clean, Simple, and manufacturable, and more than anything, it must feel right. That’s why at each stage of prototyping, we give you a 3D printed model of your design, so you can see it and feel it before you finalize your design.
Once your design is finalized, You can immediately begin production.
Start with one and scale up your production to 10,000 units or as many you need.
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