Tesla Model 3 Center Console Tray and Bin


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Why you need the center console tray?

The original center console main storage box is deep, so small, often-used items tend to get buried at the bottom, making them difficult to find when you need them. So we designed this tray to solve the problem. It allows you to place small items (sunglasses, coins, pens, plastic ID cards, keys within easy reach at all times. Also, The console cover Closes while the tray is inside

Why you need the bin?
The front center console is a deep hole without any organization. This bin gives you the opportunity to change that. This bin makes it very easy to keep your things in the right place. You could put a tissue box in it, the adapter or your wallet for example. It’s a good place to hide your valuables, other than your glove compartment.


Black, Blue, Brown, Gray, Red, White

Tray Option

Coin + Sunglass Holder Tray, Coin + Sunglass Holder Tray + Bin, Double Sunglass Tray, Double Sunglass Tray + Bin, J1772 Adapter Tray, J1772 Adapter Tray + Bin, Tissue Holder Tray, Tissue Holder Tray + Bin