Tesla Supercharger for Phones

You need a Charger?
Why not a SuperCharger

How the Supercharger started

For many years we have been used to the dirty, smelly gas stations, hell, some of us even liked the gas smell, but at the beginning of 2012, Tesla changed the game forever. Tesla introduced an alternative to an Industry that hasn’t seen any innovation for years.

Tesla Supercharger is an elegant charging station for all the Tesla cars. They are not just super fast and reliable, but also Aesthetically pleasing.

They have been designed so elegantly that a lot of us love to have one of them in our living room, however, if your living room is small as our living room then you need a mini version, so why not a Supercharger for your phone?

That’s why in 2014, Martin Hansen from Germany, decided to design and 3D Print a supercharger for his phone which he then decided to share with the rest of the world.

Download the 3D file for Free

Since then, many designers have made their own version of the Phone Supercharger inspired by the Tesla Supercharger, so we decided to make our own as well and share it with the world. If you have a 3D Printer, you can download the file for free and make one yourself, but if you don’t have a 3D Printer don’t worry we’ve already printed one for you, check it out here!
                                                                                                                                                        Download Now >

Real Supercharger

Making a Supercharger

The Phone Supercharger is made out of eight 3D printed parts which takes about 17 hour to print. After that it takes at least 20 min to remove the support, clean and assemble a Supercharger. 

I want to Buy a supercharger

You can buy a supercharger directly from our eBay shop.

How to assemble a Supercharger

Assembling the Supercharger is a Fun and easy task. If you like making Lego you will love assembling it. We Recommend you challenge yourself first by trying to assemble the Supercharger without using the assembly guide.

Step 1: Disassemble the entire Supercharger
Step 2
Step 2: Enter the USB-cable through the correct hole
Step 3
Step 3: Make sure you lay about this much cable around the supercharger’s body
Step 4 1
Step 4:Push the USB-cable through the side shaft as seen on the picture
Step 5
Step 5: Curl the cable a little bit so it fits in the curvy shaft
Step 6
Step 6: Enter the cable through the red middle part
Step 7
Step 7: Insert the Red Part into the White Side with the Cable Opening
Step 8
Step 8: This is how it should look like after it’s done
Step 9
Step 9: Pass the USB-cable through the upper body
Step 10
Step 10: Push both bodies together until it clicks
Step 11
Step 11: Grab one of the posts and slide them into the hole
Step 12
Step 12: Do the same with the other post
Step 13
Step 13: Push the body into the base
Step 14
Step 14: Make sure it clicks
Step 15
Step 15: Grab the last piece that’s left and attach it to the base
Step 16
Step 16: At this point it should be able to stand on its own
Step 18
Step 17: Plug the end of the USB-cable into the shaft
Step 14
Step 18: It’s done! Enjoy your Supercharger 🙂

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