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Batch 3D Printing

Batch 3D printing, also known as Volume 3D printing or Bulk 3D Printing is a process using many 3D printers to produce a single part in large volume. With our easy to navigate manufacturing tools, you can take your STL or OBJ file to mass production in one simple step for a fraction of the cost at lightning speed.

batch 3d printing
2 to 49 Parts
50 to 249 Parts
Discount 25%
250 to 499 Parts
Discount 35%
500 to 999 Parts
Discount 45%
1000 to 4999 Parts
Discount 55%
5000+ Parts
Discount 65%

Batch 3D printing discount

Using our proprietary software, the price of each item purchased will be automatically adjusted to reflect bulk discounts. Our pricing is notably competitive and designed to help you grow your business.  

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Design Service

Transform your idea into a manufacturable 3D model today. Your project can begin with an idea, a doodle, or a complete blueprint. No matter what stage your design is in, we can help bring your idea to life. Simply share any notes, 2D, or 3D assets and we’ll handle the rest.

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Our manufacturing capabilities

Prints 3D objects by extruding melted plastic, compatible with materials such as PLA+, PETG, Carbon Fiber filaments, and many more.

Uses a Laser light pattern to cure layers of resin. Photopolymers are cured layer by layer to create the final object, RexRoi offers a diverse library of materials for SLA printer, Including high-grade Engineering materials.

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