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Forget the old way of manufacturing, and experience the future of manufacturing with Batch 3D Printing

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What is Batch 3D printing?

Batch 3D printing, also known as Volume 3D printing or Bulk 3D Printing, is a process of using multiple 3D printers to produce a part over and over again.The advancement of Additive manufacturing has introduced a faster, more sustainable, and more affordable way of production in the last few years, which allows a business to mitigate its risks in manufacturing.Volume 3D Printing eliminates the need for developing two separate ways for prototyping and manufacturing.Unlike the traditional method of manufacturing, batch 3D printing doesn’t have any setup costs, and any change or upgrade to the design is as easy as changing the cad file. As a result, anybody with a good idea and basic knowledge of 3D Modeling can take their concept to the market within a few weeks.

How it works

Step 1

Request a quote for volume 3D Printing

Submit your project through our questionnaire below or send us an email at with the details of your project.
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Step 2

Verify your designs

Our manufacturing experts will get in touch with you within 1 business day to verify your design and give you a quote.
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Step 3

Go into production 

Go into production in the blink of an eye and ramp up the production as sales increase. Order sets when you need them, against a fixed price and lead-time. 

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Batch 3D printing discount

We use our proprietary software to determine the price of each item. Our pricing is notably competitive and designed to help you grow your business; the tables below show how you can save on the cost by increasing your order quantity.

1 to 4 Parts
Web Designer 0%
5 to 49 Parts
Discount 25%
50 to 249 Parts
Discount 35%
250 to 499 Parts
Discount 45%
500 to 999 Parts
Discount 55%
1000 to 2499 Parts
Discount 65%
2500+ Parts
Discount 70%
Request a quote 
We will get back to you within 24 hours

* Our average response time 17 min

*Note: Our design services start at $100, and depend on the project's complexity, it can range between $100 to $2500.

*Note:Any change or modifications to a file start at $100, and depend on the project's complexity, it can range between $100 to $1500.

Please tell us about your project; try to describe it in detail.

Please tell us about your project.

Please tell us about your project and how you like us to change or modify it.

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