Do you have a 3D printable product that you plan to bring to the market, but don't want to spend thousands of dollars on manufacturing and initial inventory? We can help you bring your product to market in the blink of an eye with no initial capital investment. Our dropshipping program designed to be fast, affordable, and adjustable to your needs.

3d printing dropshipping
Step 1

Request a quote 

Submit your project through our questionnaire below or send us an email at with the details of your project.

How it works

autonomous 3d printing farm operated by robots
Step 3

Start the selling

Go into production in the blink of eyes and ramp up the production as sales increase. Order sets when you need them, against a fixed price and lead-time. 
drop shipping
Step 4


As you sell, we produce, package, and ship your product directly to your customers, so you can be focus on making the sales.

Have a full inventory or print to order

As a business owner, you are in charge of inventory management. You can have an inventory of 100,000 items or none. we don’t require any minimum quantity, but we strongly suggest you have two things in mind for your inventory management:

One: If you are anticipating strong sales, you need to have adequate inventory, 3D printing takes time, and customers want to get there order ASAP.

Two: You can always print to order, but that way, you won’t qualify for the batch 3D printing discount, which can make a huge difference in your cost, and therefore your profitability.

White glove services

We handle every single order with love and respect, and we make sure each order is prepared and packaged the way you envisioned. (RexRoi doesn't include any name, tag or marketing label that refers to us on the shipments that we ship out on your behalf )

Batch 3D printing discount

We use our proprietary software to determine the price of each item. Our pricing is notably competitive and designed to help you grow your business; the tables below show how you can save on the cost by increasing your order quantity.

10 to 49 Parts
Discount 25%
50 to 249 Parts
Discount 35%
250 to 499 Parts
Discount 45%
500 to 999 Parts
Discount 55%
1000 to 4999 Parts
Discount 65%
5000+ Parts
Discount 75%

Packaging and Handling

We offer a full packaging service as part of our dropshipping program, which allows you to choose between box or parcel for packaging in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can decide how you like your product to be packaged and be presented to your customers. 

dropshipping RexRoi 2


We work with all the major postal services to make sure your customers receive their orders in the fastest and most affordable way. (the cost of shipping is determined by the postal carrier of your choice and based on size, weight and destination.)

dropshipping shipping

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