3D Printing Dropshipping

Dropshipping 3D Printed Products

Do you have a 3D printable product that you plan to bring to the market but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on manufacturing and initial inventory? You already have a successful Etsy, eBay, or Shopify store, but manufacturing is slowing you down? Or are you looking for reliable passive income by selling 3D printing products, but you don’t know where to start?

We can help you bring your product to market with no initial capital investment, no inventory cost, and no contract. If you still don’t know what to sell or where to start, we can even help you find products that you can sell. Our dropshipping program is designed to be fast, affordable, and adjustable to your needs.

  • No contract
  • No inventory cost
  • No initial capital investment
Our team will gladly help you in every stage of the process to ensure you succeed because we know your success is our success.
Step 1

Say Hi 

Send us an email at, and tell us how we can assist you. No matter where you are in your process, we will help you step up a successful 3D printing dropshipping business.

How RexRoi 3D printing dropshipping works

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Step 2

Getting ready

After we get to know you, we can quickly get your shop to connect to our fulfillment department. At this stage, we figure out printing costs, shipping costs, and everything else you need to know before we send out your orders.
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Step 3

Relax and Make Money

When you are ready, our fulfillment department will start fulfilling your order as they are coming in; you don’t need to worry about production inventory packaging or shipping. Focus your effort on the sale, and let us handle everything else for you.

What Our Customers Have to Say

What to sell?

If you already know what to sell and your product is ready for the market or already on the market, you can skip this part. If you have an idea for a product and you are wondering if additive manufacturing is a good fit, you can send us an email, so we evaluate your model. If you still don’t have a 3D model, you can try to model it yourself or ask a professional designer to help you.

Where to find 3D printing product to sell?

If you have no idea what to sell, don’t worry. There are more than a million 3D models on the web that you can buy the copyright from their designer for a few dollars. You can even find hundreds of thousands of free files that their commercial right is free to the public.

Thingiverse, cgtrader, printables,free3d are the best 3D model library on the market, and you can most likely find anything you imagine on one of these websites.

How do you turn your idea into a 3D printable model?

If you like to model your idea yourself, you are in luck because you are living in a perfect time. Many softwares and thousands of free online tutorials can help you bring your ideas to reality.

Tinkercad is a free software perfect for beginner designers. Most people can master Tinkercad within a few days.

Rhino and Fusion 360 are ideal for more advanced engineering projects.

Blender and ZBrush are excellent software for designing organic objects like figurines or plants.  

If you prefer a professional designer to help you generate your 3D model, you can find countless eager creators excited to help you desging your next product. 

cadcrowd, cgifurniture, Fiverr, freelancer, and Upwork are only a few websites where you can find quality work at a reasonable price.

Packaging and Handling

We offer a full packaging service as part of our dropshipping program, which allows you to choose between a box or parcel for packaging in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can decide how you like your product to be packaged and be presented to your customers. 

3d proudcts drop shipping


We work with all the primary postal services companies to ensure your customers receive their orders in the fastest and most affordable way. The postal carrier of your choice determines the shipping cost based on size, weight, and destination. To make tracking packages easier, we directly purchase a postal label from your eCommerce shop, so the cost of shipping directly comes out of your sold items. If you sell multi-item in one order, you only pay for one shipping, which increases your profit margin.

dropshipping shipping

Have a full inventory or print to order?

As a business owner, you are in charge of inventory management. You can have an inventory of 100,000 plus items or none. We don’t require any minimum quantity, but we strongly suggest you have two things in mind for your inventory management:

One: If you anticipate strong sales, you need to have adequate inventory, 3D printing takes time, and customers want to get their orders ASAP, so if you are expecting thousands of sales on your launch day, then you should plan in advance.

Two: Unless you have a super-strong marketing plan with a large budget to spend, it’s improbable to sell thousands of items on day one, so print to order is the best model for most sellers.

Quality Assurance

As a partner, we don’t see any difference between your customers and our customers because when customers are not happy with their order, we all lose, and when they are happy, we all win. So when we send products out, we make sure every one of them has been inspected and passed our quality criteria.

Your Intellectual Property and Privacy

You own a hundred percent of your business and your website, your eCommerce shop, and the intellectual property right of your products.
If, for any reason, you like to stop your partnership with us, please just let us know so we immediately stop fulfilling new orders.

White glove services

We handle every single order with love and respect, and we make sure each order is prepared and packaged the way you envisioned. (RexRoi doesn’t include any name, tag or marketing label that refers to us on the shipments that we ship out on your behalf )

Where to sell your products?

How to distribute your 3D printed product is something that you as a business owner should decide. You can exclusively sell your products on your website or only sell them on a leading eCommerce platform like eBay and Etsy. Generally, the more exposure your products have, the more sales you will have, so it’s good to have multiple shops on different e-commerce platforms because they have customers who only shop from them. 

Many online tutorials show step-by-step opening a shop on Etsy and eBay and creating a successful listing. Remember that your listings are the storefront of your business. Unlike a physical store, your customer can not see and touch your products before purchasing them, so having great quality images and video plus a good title and description is all the tools you have to convince your customer online.

Selling on Amazon

Selling on Amazon is a little different than selling on eBay and Etsy.
You don’t need Unique Product Codes (UPC) for selling on eBay and Etsy, but for selling your products on Amazon, you do need UPC for each product unless you sign up for Amazon handmade program, which is very similar to Etsy. However, dropshipping is forbidden by Amazon because Amazon doesn’t like any competition with its Prime service. You can test your product’s demands on other platforms, and when you find out which products have the potential for Amazon Prime, we can print batches of 50 or 100 and send them to Amazon Prime, which isn’t violating Amazon seller terms.

Please remember that Amazon is uncompromising when it comes to its sellers. The slightest violation of its policy will cost you a lifetime ban as a seller.

Shopify and Automation

To have a successful Dropshipping business, you need to eliminate everything that can cause mistakes. Automation is the best practice to eliminate mistakes and increase productivity, and Shopify is the leading platform for automation. You can connect your Amazon, eBay, and Etsy shops to the Shopify shop. By granting Collaborator permissions to us, we can automatically receive your new orders, prepare them, and generate shipping labels directly from your Shopify shop, so your buyer gets a live update of their order status.

The most significant advantage of this system is that you don’t need to do anything when you get a new order. You can just relax and make money:)

The other advantage of using Shopify is the listing exchanges ability from one platform to another. When you create a listing on Shopify, you can automatically add it to your Amazon, eBay, and Etsy shop.

Power of Marketing

You can have the best product on our planet, but you will sell none if people don’t know it exists. Marketing is a critical part of each business, and how to market your product is something you decide as a business owner. Having a solid footprint on social media can do magic for your business. 

Suppose you sell your products on any major e-commerce platform. In that case, it is usually good to use their paid advertising system to target your customers, but constantly monitor your advertising spending to profit ratio to avoid losing money. When it comes to marketing, it’s essential to be creative. Remember that spending money on a bad ad campaign won’t have anything for you but lose money, so be careful how you spend your ad money; otherwise, you will be disappointed very soon.


As we mentioned before, you don’t have any upfront cost, and when you sell an item portion of your sale would cover your Cost.

Money from sold items goes to your bank account directly, and every Friday, we send you an invoice for the prior week’s orders; you have three days to pay the invoice before we stop fulfilling your orders. 

Suppose you have good products and a reasonable selling strategy. You can make serious money quickly, so if you are living in the US, you should register a business, so take full advantage of the tax break for businesses. Most of our Dropshipping partners have registered their company as Limited Liability Company (LLC); however, we recommend you do your own research and talk with a professional before opening your business.

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