If you own a Tesla Model 3

Congratulations on Having the Car

Nikola Tesla, the famous scientist that inspired Elon Musk to name his electronic car company Tesla, never received the recognition that he deserved for his significant contribution to science.

Now many people start to ask if the Tesla Electric Car Company has been underestimated for its contributions to the future of humanity because human made climate change is the biggest threat to our future generation.
Despite of how some people feel about Tesla, or its founder and CEO Elon Musk, nobody can deny that Tesla owners love their car, and they are proving that a future without fossil fuels can be delightful.

Tesla is the leading electric car in the market, yet experts believe Tesla will face some fierce competition as traditional car manufacturers start rolling out their version of the EV car.

Tesla Model 3 is Tesla’s first attempt to make a more affordable EV. Tesla unveiled Model 3 promising a $35.000 price tag, however when Tesla Model 3 launched the price of some models were almost double of what Tesla had promised at the beginning, since then Tesla has pushed hard to bring the price down to the original target price.

Tesla Model 3 has an elegant design; however, when it comes to the interior design, there are some mixed feelings among Tesla owners. 

The large windshield and small console provide a vibrant and outstanding vision of the road. The navigating wheel has a sturdy rim and a small thickness so that that the driver does not need to peep through the steering wheel to observe the estimates giving the car’s sporty feel. However, it’s clear that Tesla sacrificed some essential elements in favor of a better price.

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