Volume Printing

Do you need between 10-10,000 parts?

Due to our wide range of printers, we are able to produce thousands of parts in just a few days. There are no set-up costs involved, which make 3D printing a very cost effective way of manufacturing your parts.

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hundreds of 3d printed bones an example of volume printing

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We will send you a personalized quote within 24 hours

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Test Print

A test print will be printed to check that you will get the best result possible


Once the test print has been approved, we will start printing the rest of the parts


You can pick up your parts or we can deliver them to you.

What are the advantages of Volume 3D Printing at RexRoi?

  • Fast turnaround time Due to a high volume of printers the parts can be ready in just a few days
  • Low costThe higher the volume is, the lower the cost per part
  • Fully customizable printing settings > We choose the best settings depending on your file
  • RexRoi will help you from beginning to end > We will be in contact the entire time until you’re fully satisfied with the prints.